Americans from the Eyes of a Turkish


When I was a teenager, I was eager to visit the US, like many teenagers as from all around the world. I should admit that the American music band, New Kids on the Block played a remarkable role in it. I cannot deny Mc Donald`s affect on me either! Today, New Kids on the Block is disbanded, Mc Donald`s branches are everywhere in Turkey and I have been living in the US over 10 years.

Eventually, I have started to live my dream and loved it pretty much. Since the first day, Americans succeed to surprise me in many ways. First of all, they are very open to other cultures. Different languages, different religions and different cultures are not “different” for them anymore. Americans live in a multicultural environment and they deeply enjoy it.

Hi, how are You Doing?

In my native country, Turkey, if you don’t know the person you don’t ask them how they are doing. Since my first day, Americans are greeting me every day.

Peanut Butter & Jelly

No doubt, it is a yummy combination! When I first saw that, I had no idea!  After seeing it even in the school menu than I realized that it is part of American culture.

Cell phone Lovers

I have never seen a community that people are so dependent of their cell phones. Americans live an online based lifestyle and their cell phones are a part of it.

Online Lives

Americans live a very internet connected lifestyles. In America, even job interviews can be done online. It is the biggest convenience and a new lifestyle.

What about traveling around the world?

It was surprised to see that Americans don’t travel that much. Most of them do not even travel to other states. American travelers are often elderly.

What about a second language?

It is not common to meet an American who speaks a foreign language. Spanish speakers take remarkable place in the US but most of Americans do not speak Spanish.

They are Party People

Celebration is significantly important for Americans. 4th of July, Halloween, Thanks Giving, Easter and Christmas are quite important events. Especially Christmas in the US was one of the most significant experiences that I had.

Americans are friendly, confident and fun. I am happy to live with them and appreciate the New Kids on the Block guys for introducing the US to me!

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  1. Ezgi, great blog. I really enjoy how you incorporated a lot of pictures to describe your writing. I had my own New Kids on the Block phase growing up. Every American girl did. If they say they didn’t they are a liar! I appreciate your commentary on things you’ve discovered in America, such as our party tendencies, travel habits, and technology addiction. Keep up the good work!

  2. Ezgi,

    This is a great blog! I really appreciate your sharing of your experiences in the United States and how these were different from your experiences in your native country. The New Kids on the Block was definitely a big part of my life as a child. I remember kids going to their concerts and dressing like them. All the girls thought they were so cute!
    I love the pictures you added. They are a great segway to your next topic.
    I can appreciate that there would be some significant differences between the cultures. My only question now is why? What makes Peanut Butter and Jelly is interesting and different? What would you say would be the equivalent of the favorite American sandwich in Turkey?
    Also, I know why the NK on the B were important to me, but what was it about the NK on the B that made you want to come here? Also, Christmas? It’s definitely a special time in the US, but what was it about your first American Christmas experience that made you smile?

    Your blog is so interesting. It allows for this crossing of cultures that I can both relate to, and discover new things. I love hearing your perspective about something that I can relate to. I do think that you could take it a step further and share a little more indepth information about your experiences. Since your blog is about your perspectives, it would be very cool to hear more! So we can, your readers, get to know you better, and have a deeper understanding about what makes your experiences so incredible and interesting?

    Great job! I’m definitely going to follow your blog!

    Lacey Heward

  3. Hello Ezgi, how are you doing? LOL. You definitely offered quite a colorful depiction of Americans. It’s true, we like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I hope you do too. I’m glad you find us friendly, confident and fun.

  4. I love this blog. It is so much fun to hear Americans described from a non-native perspective, and you are particularly kind. I agree Americans just don’t show much interest in travel or learning foreign languages. In my extensive travels (I’m an anomaly), I’ve met very few non-Americans who don’t at least speak one additional language. I blame it on our huge size and fairly isolationist history.Things are going to necessarily change with the onslaught of globalization. It will be hard for many, but good in general I think. Please write more of this kind of stuff. It’s fascinating and helps me appreciate things all over again that have become commonplace, like PB&J!

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