What`s your dream country?


No doubt, the world is full of joy! There are countless places to visit, unlimited dishes to taste and many other local motifs waiting for to be discovered!

Most of people have to do lists. Everyone`s dream place is different than others for many reasons. For example my dream country is Italy. I have never been there yet but I am eager to visit it. I have many good reasons to visit Italy. Eating some gelato, attending a fashion show, taking a test drive with a Ferrari and many others enjoyable options are waiting for me out there in Italy!

Have you ever think about it? What is your dream country? Why are you dreaming to visit there?

After reading this post, please leave your comment and mention about your dream country. At the end, we will be able to create a special map of world`s most desired countries together.

Each country has its own pattern. Each one has a different history, traditions, cultural values and religious figures.

What I believe that visiting a country does not mean just discovering a new place; it means also discovering yourself once again! Sometimes we visit some place and feel like we had been there before. Moreover sometimes we feel we belong there because we are discovering ourselves while we visit this new place. Each country contributes us more values. Traveling gives us a chance to develop an intellectual personality.

Our world is full of wonderful countries to visit and enjoy. Traveling and discovering bring many opportunities together such as meeting new people, gaining a new hobby, learning new recipes, shopping from the local stores and physically seeing the world`s fabulous places. We should travel and discover this beautiful world as much as we can. You can start from making the places to visit list! I did it and Italy is at the top on my list. What about yours?

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  1. Ezgi – You have such a positive outlook on the world, on people and, especially, it seems, on travel and food. Every time I read your blog it makes me feel adventurous, as though I just might want to hop on a random, transatlantic flight and see where it takes me.

    As far as the countries I would really love to visit, there are two: Scotland and Ireland. Three-quarters of my family’s ancestors are from those two countries, the other quarter were Native Americans. My wife’s ancestors are also from Ireland, so getting to visit there would be a double treat, and triple so if we could take our daughter with us and show her “where her people came from.”

    I always enjoy telling people that my Scottish ancestors, the McCaskills, were part of the Gunn clan. That’s only humorous if you know that many of our ancestors were sheriffs and constables. Get it? Cops and “Gunns!” Okay, I guess it’s only really funny if you’re a fifth generation American cop like I was and know that your law enforcement heritage goes all the way back to the “mother country.”

    Thanks, again, for the enthusiasm and positive spirit that seems to permeate your writing. You seem like a really nice person that I would like for my family and I to meet someday … maybe in Scotland!

  2. Oh Ezgi, you would love Italy! The people are much like you, warm and open-hearted. They talk constantly and it is somehow really comforting. I lived there for two years while I was a fashion model, based in Milan. Milan is not the prettiest Italian city, very industrial, but the shopping OH MY! I lived up the street from the main Duomo or the church square and loved hearing the bells ringing. I visited the famous Last Supper painting frequently on my lunch breaks. On the weekends, people in Milan just want to escape the city, and they often took me on drives into the countryside. We would stop at country restaurants and eat family-style in large groups at outdoor picnic tables, always with lots of great Italian wine. Then we would play lawn tennis or walk to the lake if one was close. My first experience with topless sunbathing, another OH MY! I also took the train to many other cities, including Venice. That’s my favorite, so beautiful and ornate, yet so wistful as it’s colors fade and it sinks into the sea. There is no place like it, so don’t miss stopping there when you go. I’ve enjoyed your blog. It makes me remember how much I love the travel experience.

  3. Hello, Ezgi, I hope you continue your blog after class. I really enjoy reading your insightful views about the US and of your home country, Turkey. Turkey is on my bucket-list of things I hope to do before I take my last breath. Also I would like to visit Jerusalem, Italy, Africa, and other places as well.

    I have no cons about your blog. I like the theme you chose and I like how you express your thoughts in such a simple and easy to follow fashion.

    I will continue to follow your blog if you continue to write it.


  4. Ezgi,
    The place on my next list is to visit Paris and Europe with my kids. My daughter is looking forward to testing her French out there and I am excited about the culture, wine, and food. It is rich with history and romance. Definitely a place for a woman to stop. I do plan to visit Italy too. Afterall, I love italian food. It would be great to experience it fresh from where it began.

    Thanks for the tour around world culture. Your blog is amazing!

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