What`s your dream country?


No doubt, the world is full of joy! There are countless places to visit, unlimited dishes to taste and many other local motifs waiting for to be discovered!

Most of people have to do lists. Everyone`s dream place is different than others for many reasons. For example my dream country is Italy. I have never been there yet but I am eager to visit it. I have many good reasons to visit Italy. Eating some gelato, attending a fashion show, taking a test drive with a Ferrari and many others enjoyable options are waiting for me out there in Italy!

Have you ever think about it? What is your dream country? Why are you dreaming to visit there?

After reading this post, please leave your comment and mention about your dream country. At the end, we will be able to create a special map of world`s most desired countries together.

Each country has its own pattern. Each one has a different history, traditions, cultural values and religious figures.

What I believe that visiting a country does not mean just discovering a new place; it means also discovering yourself once again! Sometimes we visit some place and feel like we had been there before. Moreover sometimes we feel we belong there because we are discovering ourselves while we visit this new place. Each country contributes us more values. Traveling gives us a chance to develop an intellectual personality.

Our world is full of wonderful countries to visit and enjoy. Traveling and discovering bring many opportunities together such as meeting new people, gaining a new hobby, learning new recipes, shopping from the local stores and physically seeing the world`s fabulous places. We should travel and discover this beautiful world as much as we can. You can start from making the places to visit list! I did it and Italy is at the top on my list. What about yours?


Americans from the Eyes of a Turkish


When I was a teenager, I was eager to visit the US, like many teenagers as from all around the world. I should admit that the American music band, New Kids on the Block played a remarkable role in it. I cannot deny Mc Donald`s affect on me either! Today, New Kids on the Block is disbanded, Mc Donald`s branches are everywhere in Turkey and I have been living in the US over 10 years.

Eventually, I have started to live my dream and loved it pretty much. Since the first day, Americans succeed to surprise me in many ways. First of all, they are very open to other cultures. Different languages, different religions and different cultures are not “different” for them anymore. Americans live in a multicultural environment and they deeply enjoy it.

Hi, how are You Doing?

In my native country, Turkey, if you don’t know the person you don’t ask them how they are doing. Since my first day, Americans are greeting me every day.

Peanut Butter & Jelly

No doubt, it is a yummy combination! When I first saw that, I had no idea!  After seeing it even in the school menu than I realized that it is part of American culture.

Cell phone Lovers

I have never seen a community that people are so dependent of their cell phones. Americans live an online based lifestyle and their cell phones are a part of it.

Online Lives

Americans live a very internet connected lifestyles. In America, even job interviews can be done online. It is the biggest convenience and a new lifestyle.

What about traveling around the world?

It was surprised to see that Americans don’t travel that much. Most of them do not even travel to other states. American travelers are often elderly.

What about a second language?

It is not common to meet an American who speaks a foreign language. Spanish speakers take remarkable place in the US but most of Americans do not speak Spanish.

They are Party People

Celebration is significantly important for Americans. 4th of July, Halloween, Thanks Giving, Easter and Christmas are quite important events. Especially Christmas in the US was one of the most significant experiences that I had.

Americans are friendly, confident and fun. I am happy to live with them and appreciate the New Kids on the Block guys for introducing the US to me!

Some Cultural Tips for Turkey Visitors


My native country, Republic of Turkey, is a fascinating, mystic and beautiful place. This magnificent place, Turkey, is the only secular Islamic country in the world,since it was established in 1923. My first tip for Turkey visitors is, don`t be surprised hearing the Islamic prayer call, the Ezan, five times a day, from the mosques. Enjoy this mystic prayer!

My second tip is related to Istanbul city. Istanbul is the only city in the world, which is located in two continents at the same time. The Boshporus Bridge is connecting Asia and Europe in Istanbul. This unique city, Istanbul is visited by over 30 million tourists every year. Don’t forget to cross the Boshporus Bridge.

Vastly important some more tips are The world`s oldest city, Urfa is located in Turkey. “The Oldest Temple in the World” is located in Urfa and this temple is the first symbol of human civilization. The House of Virgin Mary is also in Izmir, Turkey, Don’t forget to visit these historically and religiously remarkable places.

If I tell you that Santa Claus is form Turkey would you be surprised? It is shocking to many yet he was born and raised in Demre, Turkey.

 What about our famous food?

 Turkish menus are mostly based on meat. Especially, Turkish Kebab is the most famous Turkish dish. In Turkey, eating breakfast and dinner with the family members is a tradition. After seeing any routine Turkish breakfast or dinner menu for the first time, one could think that there is a very special celebration on that day.  It would not be overrating because Turkish menus are very rich and magnificent. Turkey is a very modern country and finding dishes from world cuisines is very easy yet I recommend visitors to eat local Turkish food. In fact, I recommend eating Turkish food with local people.

Don’t you want to hear your future from your coffee cup?

Globally famous, Turkish coffee has inestimable role in Turkish culture. We drink it at least a few times during the day. Some people can read the fortune from the coffee cup. It is very traditional and fun. Don’t forget to listen to your fortune in Turkey.

Moreover, when groom and his family go to the bride`s house to ask bride`s hand, serving Turkish coffee is a tradition. The bride adds some salt to groom`s coffee cup and we believe that if the groom is able to drink that salty coffee he can survive anything. It is a traditional way to understand groom`s patience and tolerance. Guys, you can fall in love with beautiful Turkish girls so be prepared to drink the salty coffee!

    Are you ready for the wedding?

 Turkish weddings are also quite colorful part of our culture. We celebrate the weddings for two days. Bride and    groom   receive many gifts, especially gold bracelets and other jewelry. In Turkey, we only give gold as a gift in order to support new couple financially. My new tip for visitors and potential candidates is we have special golden coins as a gift just for weddings. If you join any Turkish wedding buy a golden coin, it is the tradition.


Turkish culture is full of traditions. Turkish people are very kind and friendly. After seeing Turkish people`s generous hospitality I am sure that you will come back to Turkey over and over again. Didn’t you start packing yet?